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Snowflakes Frenzy

What starts off as a simple snowflake collection game turns into an intellectual puzzle where you have scale to higher points.

Snowflake Frenzy Game

This is a mini-game spin off when I was working on a longer game The Last Snowman. I thought I liked the idea of having a game where things start off very simple and intuitive, where you basically just control a character to collect items for points.

I then added enhancements to it such that as time passes, more and more game elements appear in the game. You then have to figure out the complex interactions between them, to score a higher point. For example, a plain snowman will drop from the sky after some time. If you use your snowballs to hit it a few times, the snowman actually grows and become a point generating "totem".

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You have 99 seconds to catch as many snowflakes as you can. You can also shoot a snowball to reach faraway snowflakes. As the game progresses, more game elements come into play. Solve the "puzzle" and get higher points!


A - Move Left, D - Move Right, O - Shoot Snowball, P - Jump