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Castle Defense

A warrior, a wizard and a whole mess of hell. Defend the castle at all costs!

Castle Defense Game

I was playing a lot of Sangokushi Taisen in the arcades and I thought it would be so cool to write my own castle defense game. Unfortunately, I couldn't get all the hardware and the cards with magnetic ink on them, so I had to settle for a Flash version.

To make things interesting (plus the fact I can't find someone to test it with reguarly), I added AI to the second player, and wrote in 2 distinct classes, and 3 boss fights.

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Music: Clash of the Titans credit to Cameron Stewart


Play as either the Warrior or the Wizard and defend the castle against waves of monsters.


Player 1: W - Move Up, A - Move Left, S - Move Down, D - Move Right, T - Use Skill, Y - Change Skills

Player 2: Up - Move Up, Left - Move Left, Down - Move Down, Right - Move Right, O - Use Skill, P - Change Skills

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