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Sprite Sheet (Part 2)

The "invention" of using sprite sheets for games is a very natural evolution at the time when computing resources such as memory and processing power is low. But, funnily, it's still very relevant now!

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#3 - Sprite Database

Check it out here.

sprite database logo

This site boasts of a huge selection of sprites ripped from the classic games. Take a look at the list of platforms that they are supporting here.

sprite database

If you're in the mood for just a classic remake of some of these games, I'm sure you can find a good reference sprite sheet from here.

#4 - Pkmnonet

pkmnonet examples

Check it out here.

This site doesn't give you sprite sheets per se, but you can download a huge collection of images from Pokemon. I'm not really a fan of Pokemon, but I do recognise some of the monsters shown here. Just to let you have a taste of how amazing they are, check out a small snapshot below.

Feel free to check it out. Even if not for making a game, it will be quite fun to just browse through these images.

#5 - Mario Mayhem

mario mayhem logo

Check it out here.

This is a site that pays homage to the Super Mario games. You can find sprite sheets of some of the mario games here.

mario mayhem examples

The selection isn't huge though.

#6 - Sprite City

Check it out here.

Random sprite sheets can be found all over this site here. May not be easy navigating your way around, but it does have quite a lot of sprite sheets for your download.

sprite city

Some of the sprite sheets here may be original works by the author too.

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